Easy Eats: Your Top Menulog Alternative for a More Local, More Supportive Food Delivery Experience

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    In the ever-evolving landscape of food delivery in New Zealand, the recent exit of Menulog highlights a shift towards more sustainable, locally-focused Menulog alternatives. Menulog’s decision to leave due to the market’s limited size opens the door for homegrown services like Easy Eats to shine as the preferred Menulog alternative. Here’s why Easy Eats stands out as the superior choice for supporting our local economy.

    Overview of Menulog

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    Menulog, a major player in the New Zealand food delivery market since 2012, has announced its withdrawal. Known for its extensive network and big-name marketing campaigns, Menulog cited the small size of the local market as a key reason for its exit, underscoring the challenges faced by large international players in maintaining a profitable operation in smaller markets.

    Introducing Easy Eats: Your Menulog Alternative

    Easy Eats Wellington Food Delivery Service

    In contrast to Menulog, Easy Eats is 100% Kiwi-owned and deeply committed to supporting New Zealand’s local businesses as the top Menulog alternative. Easy Eats stands out with its unique selling propositions: lower fees for restaurants, robust support for local economies, and fair pricing that benefits both diners and dining establishments alike.

    Key Features of Easy Eats

    Sales Optimized Restaurant Websites

    Easy Eats helps restaurants build their brand with fully functional, sales-optimized websites that feature online ordering—a standout feature as a Menulog alternative. This not only increases visibility but also boosts sales directly through the restaurant’s own platform.

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    Risk-Free Trial and No Hidden Fees

    Restaurants can try Easy Eats with a 30-day free trial, with no setup fees, upfront payments, or obligatory contracts—a welcome change from Menulog’s practices. This risk-free approach encourages restaurants to experiment with new sales strategies without financial pressure.

    24/7 Local Support

    Knowing that help is just a phone call or a message away makes a big difference. Easy Eats offers round-the-clock support from a local team, ensuring that restaurants and customers receive immediate assistance whenever needed—a key differentiator from Menulog.

    Comprehensive Online Ordering System

    The platform caters to all types of food establishments with an easy-to-use online ordering system that integrates seamlessly with existing websites or as a new build, branded with the restaurant’s logo and colors—making it a preferred Menulog alternative.

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    Easy Eats Delivery Service – Wellington

    Easy Eats Delivery offers a seamless solution to reach hungry customers in Wellington. With our user-friendly online ordering website/app and dedicated support team, we make it easy for you to expand your digital presence. We can help increase your revenue, and connect with your local community. Plus, our fair pricing and lower commissions mean more profits stay in your pocket. This allows you to focus on what you do best: creating delicious meals that keep your customers coming back for more. Join Easy Eats today and let us help you grow your business while supporting local in Wellington

    Advanced Table and Contactless Ordering Systems

    For dine-in restaurants, Easy Eats provides online table booking and a QR code-based contactless ordering system—a modern solution that sets it apart as a Menulog alternative. This not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances the dining experience by minimizing wait times and physical contact.

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    Why You Need to Partner With Easy Eats?

    Partner With Easy Eats

    Easy Eats provides delivery services in Wellington, ensuring that customers in the region can enjoy their favorite meals delivered straight to their doorstep by our dedicated drivers—a convenience unmatched by Menulog. However, restaurants can still use our online ordering services anywhere in New Zealand, making it a convenient option for businesses across the country.

    Lowest Rates

    Easy Eats believes in fair prices and offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry, with commissions as low as 15%—significantly lower than other delivery apps that charge up to 30%. It’s clear why Easy Eats is the preferred Menulog alternative.

    100% New Zealand Owned

    Understanding the unique needs of the New Zealand market, Easy Eats is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that cater to local businesses and consumers alike, making it the ideal Menulog alternative.

    Impact on Local Businesses and Economy

    The proactive approach of Easy Eats in supporting local businesses leads to more sustainable restaurant operations and a stronger local economy, making it a Menulog alternative that truly stands out. By fostering closer ties and reinvesting in the community, Easy Eats helps create a thriving culinary scene that benefits everyone involved.

    Customer Perspective as Menulog Alternative

    For customers, switching to Easy Eats means not only enjoying quality food but also contributing to the well-being of their local community—a sentiment that resonates with the shift towards supporting Menulog alternatives. The benefits extend beyond the meal, as every order supports local employment and the regional economy.

    FAQ: Easy Eats as a Menulog Alternative

    Q: How does Easy Eats compare to Menulog in terms of fees?

    A: Easy Eats offers significantly lower commission rates compared to Menulog, with rates as low as 15%. This makes Easy Eats a more cost-effective option for restaurants looking for a Menulog alternative.

    Q: Can restaurants customize their online ordering pages on Easy Eats?

    A: Yes, Easy Eats provides full customization options for restaurant owners, allowing them to tailor their online ordering pages with their branding. This customization sets Easy Eats apart as a Menulog alternative that prioritizes brand identity.

    Q: Does Easy Eats provide delivery services like Menulog?

    A: Absolutely! Easy Eats offers delivery services in Wellington and across New Zealand, ensuring that customers can enjoy their favorite meals delivered straight to their doorstep—a convenience that rivals Menulog.

    Easy Eats Online Ordering System
    Founded in Wellington in 2021 Easy Eats is 100% NZ owned & operated. Our mission is simple: to make ordering food easy and affordable while supporting local restaurants.

    Free Delivery With Frist Two Orders!

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