Introducing Yor Yak

A young couple seized the opportunity and took over Thai Tara Restaurant on Vivian Street in early January 2022 with the help of their business mentor, friends and families. It has been a long-held dream of the owners to run a restaurant business in the heart of Wellington city.

It was a challenging start, as it was the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic, which may sound like a crazy time to be opening a restaurant, …” but we saw the potential and the possibility for success, despite the risks. We are young. If we fail despite our best efforts, life and other opportunities will not stop here, but provide some very valuable experience.”

Yor Yak Thai Eatery

We are super lucky to have the current Thai Tara Chefs join us on the Yor Yak enterprise. They will continue to bring their extensive culinary skills and expertise in creating exciting new dishes whilst serving the authentic Thai cuisine our customers already know and love

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