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    Ever wanted your favourite meal without the hassle of cooking or heading out? Food delivery to the rescue! It’s the go-to solution for enjoying a variety of cuisines right from your couch. In Wellington, Easy Eats is setting a new standard in food delivery, bringing everything from local Kiwi dishes to international flavours right to your doorstep. Let’s explore why Easy Eats is the best option for food delivery in Wellington.

    The Growth of Food Delivery in Wellington

    Evolution Over the Years

    Food delivery in Wellington has come a long way. From a few pizza places delivering to a system where you can order from a wide range of restaurants via your phone or computer, it’s been an exciting journey.

    Current Trends

    Today’s trends highlight convenience, variety, and speed. With just a few taps, you can explore menus, place orders, and track your delivery in real-time. The rise of ghost kitchens and exclusive delivery-only menus is also reshaping how we think about takeaways.

    Why Choose Easy Eats?

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    100% NZ-Owned and Operated

    Easy Eats is proudly New Zealand-owned and operated, making it a true local hero in the food delivery scene. Supporting Easy Eats means supporting local businesses and the Kiwi economy.

    Fair Pricing for Restaurants

    Unlike some competitors, Easy Eats offers fairer pricing models that help local restaurants thrive. With no major markups, restaurants can retain more profit and continue providing quality food.

    Wide Variety of Local Restaurants

    Easy Eats connects you with a wide variety of local eateries, ensuring you can enjoy your favourite meals while supporting your community. From sushi to burgers, the options are endless.

    Unique Selling Points of Easy Eats

    Seamless Experience

    Easy Eats offers a seamless experience where customers can browse menus, order, and pay—all without downloading an app. It’s all about making things easy for you.

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    Increased Efficiency

    Streamlining the ordering process reduces wait times and allows restaurant staff to focus on delivering great service. Orders come through instantly on provided tablets, keeping everything running smoothly.

    Contactless and Hygienic

    Especially in today’s environment, contactless ordering enhances hygiene and safety. Easy Eats makes it simple to order and pay online, minimising physical contact.

    Impact of Easy Eats on Local Businesses

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    Boosting Local Restaurants

    Easy Eats has been a lifeline for local restaurants, especially during tough times like the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides an extra revenue stream and helps reach more customers.

    Challenges Addressed

    High commission fees and the pressure to maintain quality during delivery are challenges for small businesses. Easy Eats is working to offer fairer pricing and better support to overcome these hurdles.

    Benefits of Choosing Easy Eats


    Ordering from Easy Eats is incredibly convenient. Whether you’re too busy to cook or just want to enjoy a restaurant meal at home, Easy Eats makes it simple.

    Supporting Local Economy

    By using Easy Eats, you’re supporting the Wellington economy. It helps local businesses thrive and keeps our community vibrant.

    Customisable Menus and Real-Time Updates

    Restaurants can easily update and manage their menu items in real-time, ensuring customers always see the latest offerings.

    Top Cuisines Available for Delivery

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    Asian Cuisine

    Craving sushi or a spicy curry? Easy Eats has plenty of Asian delights to choose from, delivered fresh to your door.

    Italian Delights

    From wood-fired pizzas to creamy pastas, Italian food is a popular delivery choice. Mangiare!

    Kiwi Classics

    Who can resist a good meat pie or fish and chips? Enjoy your favourite Kiwi classics delivered to your door.

    Exotic Options

    Feeling adventurous? Try something new like Ethiopian or Middle Eastern cuisine, available through Easy Eats.

    Healthy Food Delivery Options

    Salads and Bowls

    For a healthy meal, look for options like fresh salads and grain bowls. Easy Eats offers these as part of their menu selection.

    Vegan and Vegetarian Choices

    Catering to all dietary preferences, Easy Eats includes a range of vegan and vegetarian options.

    Gluten-Free Meals

    Find gluten-free meals that don’t compromise on taste. Easy Eats ensures delicious gluten-free dishes are available.

    Late Night Food Delivery in Wellington

    Services Available

    Easy Eats offers late-night delivery, perfect for those midnight cravings. Get your favourite food delivered at any hour.

    Popular Late Night Orders

    Pizza, burgers, and Asian takeout are among the most popular late-night orders. Satisfy your hunger any time of the night.

    Eco-Friendly Food Delivery Initiatives

    Sustainable Packaging

    Easy Eats is moving towards sustainable packaging to reduce its environmental footprint, helping you enjoy meals responsibly.

    Carbon-Neutral Delivery Options

    Enjoy your meal guilt-free with Easy Eats’ carbon-neutral delivery options.

    Customer Experiences and Testimonials

    Real Stories from Wellingtonians

    Hear from fellow Wellingtonians about their Easy Eats experiences. Real stories can provide valuable insights.

    Ratings and Reviews

    Check out ratings and reviews to see why Easy Eats is highly rated by customers.

    The Future of Food Delivery in Wellington

    Emerging Technologies

    From drones to AI-driven logistics, emerging technologies promise to make food delivery even more efficient. Easy Eats is at the forefront of these innovations.

    Future Predictions

    Expect more personalised services and an increased focus on sustainability in the future of food delivery with Easy Eats.

    Tips for a Smooth Food Delivery Experience

    Ordering Tips

    Double-check your order to ensure everything is correct. Clear instructions can prevent mix-ups.

    Handling Delays

    If there’s a delay, stay calm and contact customer service. Most issues can be resolved quickly.

    Tipping Etiquette

    Tipping your delivery driver is a nice gesture. It shows appreciation for their hard work.


    Easy Eats in Wellington offers a convenient, diverse, and delicious way to enjoy meals from your favourite local restaurants. By choosing Easy Eats, you’re not only enjoying great food but also supporting the community and ensuring the vibrancy of the local food scene. Next time you’re hungry, why not give Easy Eats a go?


    What are the most popular food delivery services in Wellington? Uber Eats, Deliver Easy, and Easy Eats are among the top services in Wellington.

    How do I find healthy food delivery options? Look for services that offer salads, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals.

    Are there eco-friendly food delivery options in Wellington? Yes, many services now use sustainable packaging and offer carbon-neutral delivery options.

    What should I do if my delivery is late? Stay calm and contact customer service. They can usually resolve the issue quickly.

    How can I support local restaurants through food delivery services? Choose local services like Easy Eats, which prioritize supporting local businesses and fair pricing.

    Founded in Wellington in 2021 Easy Eats is 100% NZ owned & operated. Our mission is simple: to make ordering food easy and affordable while supporting local restaurants.

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