Simply Delivery & Easy Eats Ops Guideline

Help tips and guides for our drivers

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Simply Delivery & Easy Eats Operations Guidelines

Dated 29 July 2023

First and foremost, we are a small family-owned business who pride ourselves on service. So, we want to ensure we can offer our customers the best service.


Log in at 4.45pm to catch any orders placed early. You are welcome to stay home and no leave until your first order is received. If you live close enough, on quiet nights, you may go home between orders. The ordering system close at 8.30pm, if there are no orders in your APP at 8.31pm, you may log off and go home. If there is an order still in your APP, you must complete that order before going home for the night.

No one answers the door

At no time may you ‘leave’ the food at the door or elsewhere unless a customer has given you a message to do so. If you knock and no one answers, you may leave the food but you MUST text the customer advising them “I have knocked multiple times, but no answer.  I have left the food for you [where]”. Finally take a photo of the food and the position you have left it, send this photo to the customer and to me on 027 414 1232.

You must make every attempt to get in touch with the customer, knocking and ringing.

Can’t find address

If you are unable to find an address, ring the customer in the first instance also changing map carriers can sometimes help.


Communication is key. If you are running late to the restaurant, let me know. If the restaurant is late with orders, by using the APP correctly we can often tell this. So when you arrive at a restaurant by ensuring you’ve hit ‘arrived to the restaurant’ if it sits in that status for awhile, it indicates that the restaurant is running late. However, the customer doesn’t always know so it’s often a good idea to let them know by sending them a message. This message can be sent in the APP too. Customers are usually happy if they know what is happening.

Damaged Food

All steps must be taken to ensure food is delivered in the same condition when picked up. You need to be responsible to ensure you do not take food from a restaurant that is at risk of spillage. Ask the restaurant to pack it more securely if necessary.

Always ensure food is sitting securely and upright in your vehicle, and at no risk of toppling over.

However, if you have a spillage or food is damaged, let me know instantly. It’s likely we can’t deliver that so we’ll need to organise a replacement. Accidents do sometimes happen, so never attempt to deliver damaged food.


For your own safety, ensure you are visible at all times or Contact Richard from Easy Eats for an Easy Eats Jacket and t-shirt

Wear closed toe shoes with good grip.

Clean and tidy appearance.

No ‘loud’ attire or offensive logos to be worn.

Bend knees when lifting heavy objects.

Carry large parcels with 2 hands – as some may be unbalanced.

Read and follow instructions clearly.

Read all instructions on delivery prior to leaving/delivering.

You MUST have a smart phone, with credit & data and be able to use it.

You MUST have a vehicle with enough fuel to be able to complete your shift.

You are liable for your own expenses and taxes as you will be on a contractual basis.

Please notify us of your availability, if at any time these change, ensure you notify us of these changes well in advance of any assigned shift.

Drugs & Alcohol Use

You are NOT to be under the influence of drugs/alcohol when doing deliveries.

Any passengers must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during deliveries.

Doing any of the above in a vehicle of which belongs to the business, is an instant dismissal.

Doing any of the above in the vicinity of any of our clients/customers/restaurants, is an instant dismissal.

Hot Bags

You must supply your own Hot Bag/s Or Chilly bin.

Hot food must be placed into chilly bag/bin.

Chilly bags/bins must be kept clean, tidy and rinsed on a regular basis.

For large chilly bags/bins, ensure packaging is used when required to ensure food is kept stable and does not tip over while driving.

Ensure food is well balanced and will not topple over during transportation, especially soups.

Cigarette Use

Ensure you do not smell like smoke when doing any deliveries

Do not smoke in the vicinity of our clients/customers/restaurants

Smoking is not permitted in any business vehicle


Park in a safe and respectable manner at all times.

No speeding

Any traffic offences are to be paid by the offender

Any traffic offences occurred while using the business vehicles, will be paid by the offender by direct deduction from pay/wages/invoice

No tooting or offensive gestures

Use Hazard lights when required for parking

Do not leave keys in vehicle when doing a delivery

Vehicle to be clean and tidy in appearance

No animals or pet hair should be present while doing deliveries

There is to be no loud music emitted from the vehicle when doing pick ups or deliveries



Every delivery is to be treated with care and respect and every person delivered to is our customer

You are never to ring the client (Restaurants etc) or air any frustrations to the client or their customers. Any issues or concerns, Sophie in the first instance.

Sophie 027 414 1232